From Start to Finish we will answer all of your questions and concerns, and lead you
through every step of the process until you close.
• Whether you are purchasing a new home
• Refinancing your existing home
• We Come To You (Anywhere, Anytime, Statewide)
• With an Attorney
• Without an Attorney
• Lowest fees allowed by law

Our Commitment
• Answer all your questions and concerns
• To treat you in a polite and friendly manner
• Take the time to explain all costs and fees
• To be there for you, from the time you place the order, until you close
• Closings Anywhere, Anytime, Statewide
• Work with your lender to give you a pleasant experience
• Offer speed and accuracy (2-3 days for title in most cases)

We are a full service title, escrow and settlement agency. Let us handle all of your title
and closing needs.

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Why do I need Title Insurance?
There are so many reasons for the buyers to obtain Title Insurance. In today's day and age, with the ease of computers and copiers, it is very simple for documents to be forged, altered and/or duplicated to benefit others.

How can some one or a company take claim to my property?
• Forged documents of ownership
• Deed signed by mistake (grantor did not know what they were signing)
• Deed was signed under duress
• Partner claiming rights to property
• Old tax liens that were never satisfied from a previous owner
• Divorce never disclosed, partner claiming rights to property
• Undisclosed prior mortgage

These are a few of the hundreds of different scenarios of how you could lose your home and/or property and yes in some cases, still have to satisfy the pre-existing liens.

Title Insurance can protect your property/home against such claims. Even though great efforts are practiced to insure your title is clear, sometimes documents were not filed properly or circumstances like the ones listed above can and sometimes will try to take away what you worked so hard for. This is where you need the protection of Title Insurance.

Your home is going to be your biggest asset and investment; therefore, it must be protected. Banks and lenders go to great lengths to insure the property you are purchasing is worth its value, protected, insured and that the loan will be paid off. The protection offered to you for a one time premium is virtually priceless.

What does American Title Agency do?
Step One

Title Insurance Agencies, depending on different circumstances, begins with a thorough title search through the public records located in the County Court Houses, such as, finding the record owner of the property and seeing if there are any prior liens. The agency will also perform searches to make sure that municipal taxes, water and sewer charges are current. A Superior Court judgment search is also performed to find out if there are any judgments outstanding.

Step Two
The agency then takes all their findings and insures no discrepancies are found (unsatisfied
liens, taxes, judgments, rightful owner, etc.) If problems are found, the agency will attempt to rectify and satisfy that particular problem.

Step Three
The Title Agency, with your written request, will then order a survey through a Surveying Company so they can insure that there are no boundary disputes. Surveys are a measurement of property lines and boundaries.

Step Four
Once everything is satisfied through the searches, surveys and rightful ownership, the commitment is prepared.

Step Five
The Title agency will then coordinate the closing and issue the policy.

You will pay no upfront money; all payments are due and will be settled at closing. Unlike other insurances where you pay ongoing premiums, title insurance is only paid once, and covers you as long as you own your home, exceptions are refinancing your loan.

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How To Choose a Title Agency

What to Know before choosing a Title Agency

1. The Real Estate Company and/or Lender you use may have an (ABA) Affiliated Business Arrangement with a Title Agency they use and/or own. This means your Real Estate Company, Realtor and/or Lender could gain financially by you using their Title Agency. Shop around yourself for the best deals and service.
2. It is your legal right (The Borrower) to choose whichever Title Agency you want. Anyone telling, forcing or coercing you to use a Title Agency that is not your choice is illegal and should be reported to The New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance, and might not be looking out for your best interest.
3. Title Premiums along with other fees are regulated by The New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance. Shop by service and convenience. We are Full Service and Serve all 21 New Jersey Counties.
4. American Title Agency is not owned, nor has any (ABA) Affiliated Business Arrangements with any Real Estate Company, Lender or Builder.
5. Ask your Title Agency if they will close you in the comfort of your own home or business. Anywhere, Anytime Statewide. (Mobile Service)
6. Ask your Title Agency how fast is their Turn-Around Time, if they say a week or more this can delay your closing. Our Turn-Around Time is 48-72 hours in most cases.
7. Do you need an Attorney?
The answer is: we can handle your Settlement. If you feel you need legal advice then you should seek the advice of an attorney.
8. Ask your Title Agency if they are a member of ALTA (American Land Title), their Local Chamber of Commerce, NJBIA (New Jersey Business & Industry Assoc.) and/or an Affiliated Member of Realtor.
9. Remember; years after your closing your Realtor and Lender may be long gone. We will still be here to answer all your questions and concerns. We are your Agent and with that comes service second to none.
10.   What about knowledge?
Only a State licensed Title Producer can answer all your questions and concerns involving Title Insurance, Title Issues, and Pricing. Ask if the person on the other end of the phone if they are a Licensed Title Producer.

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